Art and Inspiration with William Rock

Jennifer Nagle Myers on Art and Inspiration with William Rock

March 16, 2015

Jennifer Nagle Myers is a visual artist and director of site-specific performances for public spaces who makes work to defend new possibilities of imagining and defining our world. In this interview with William Rock on Art and Inspiration, Jennifer speaks of her lifelong passion for art and storytelling. She describes herself as “a non-traditional storyteller” who tells stories with much more than just words.  Jennifer explains, “as an artist, everything in front of me is material that I can use.” She has staged several important “art interventions” in public spaces including singing a rendition of This Land Is Your Land at an Allegheny County Council Board Meeting in Pittsburgh. Jennifer N. Myers is also the creator of The Never Ending Book of Women’s Rights and The Baiji’s Last Swim a reenactment of the extinction of a Chinese river dolphin.

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