Art and Inspiration with William Rock

Tempa Lama on Art and Inspiration with William Rock

June 21, 2015

Tempa Lama is an ordained Tibetan Bon Buddhist Lama, author, poet and artist.  In this interview with William Rock on Art and Inspiration, Lama Tempa speaks of the subtleties of the creative process.  He articulates a rarely, if ever heard discourse about creativity from the perspective of the Tibetan Bon philosophy of the mind. He says, "creativity is our birthright, it is primordial potential that exists in every human being."  He speaks of clarity of mind, and the more stable the mind becomes the more it reveals its creativity and becomes flexible and open to all possibility. Tempa Lama also speaks of the healing power of art and sound and performs an ancient Bon chant. For artists, Tempa Lama encourages a focus on the positive benefit of making art and by doing so you are giving birth to cultivating interest, effort and inspiration.


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