Art and Inspiration with William Rock

Vanessa German on Art and Inspiration with William Rock

April 21, 2015

The Huffington Post noted Vanessa German is “one of 30 contemporary art makers under 40 that you should know about.”  Vanessa German is the founder of “The Love Front Porch” and the “Art House” in Pittsburgh’s Homewood section.  Her “Stop Shooting We Love You” yard signs have garnered international attention.  In this interview with William Rock on Art and Inspiration, Vanessa speaks of fully embracing creativity and imagination and to thoroughly trust the eternal wisdom of our deepest instincts. She speaks of how the neighborhood kids themselves created “The Love Front Porch" and how “Art House" has tapped into a momentum for giving.  Vanessa’s art and sculpture is exhibited worldwide and she states she is proud of being a self-taught artist.  Vanessa German has pioneered the spoken-word opera and in this Art and Inspiration interview you will hear her perform her piece “If my hands were anything other than hands.”

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